On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 09:29:27PM -0400, Eli Barzilay wrote:

> Looks like there's a problem with setting a config with an empty
> section, making it create a new section.  The result is:
>     $ git --version
>     git version 2.9.2
>     $ git init
>     Initialized empty Git repository in /home/eli/t/.git/
>     $ t() { git config x.y x; git config --unset x.y; }
>     $ t;t;t
>     $ grep -c '\[x\]' .git/config
>     3
>     $ git config x.z x
>     $ t;t;t
>     $ git config x.z x     # adds another [x], but leaves it populated
>     $ t;t;t;t;t;t;t;t
>     $ grep -c '\[x\]' .git/config
>     4

Yep. This is a very old and well-known bug. IIRC, the problem is that
config updates use the regular callback-parser, so they see only the
config keys themselves. Empty section headers never trigger them.
Fixing it would require rewriting the config-update code.

And implicit in your test is the other bug, which is that deleting the
last key in a section leaves the empty header. I think it's related to
the same issue.

Patches welcome, of course.

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