Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> Some file names that are okay on ext4 and on HFS+ are illegal in
> Windows. In order to stay truly platform-independent, Git's source code
> must not contain such illegal file names, even if things just happen to
> work on Linux.

Good thinking.

Some tests may have to be skipped on platforms that cannot express
certain paths, but even then they shouldn't ship a file with
pathname that cannot even be checked out (they should instead create
and use such a path, protected behind filesystem specific test

> +test-lint-filenames:
> +     @illegal="$$(git ls-files | grep '["*:<>?\\|]')"; \

This pattern must exclude questionables on either NTFS or HFS+; it
is ironic that it is not even sufficient to limit ourselves to the
Portable Character Set [*1*], but such is life.

By the way, doesn't ls-files take pathspec glob, saving one extra
process to run grep?

    master$ git ls-files '*["*:<>?\\|]*'
    pu$ git ls-files '*["*:<>?\\|]*'


> +             test -z "$$illegal" || { \
> +             echo >&2 "illegal file name(s): " $$illegal; exit 1; }


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