Stefan Beller <> writes:

> If working with submodules, there are more reports of missing submodules
> rather than the desire to push the superproject without the submodules
> to be pushed out.

I do not know how you are counting the "more reports" part of that
assertion, but it is very likely that it is biased by the current
default.  If you flip the default, you would see more reports that
say "I know I wasn't ready to push the submodule part out; don't bug

IOW, those who want to have something different always sound louder,
because people who are satisified tend to stay silent.

> Flipping the default to check for submodules is safer
> than the current default of ignoring submodules while pushing.

That part of the assertion, on the other hand, is justifiable.

> Signed-off-by: Stefan Beller <>
> ---
>  Probably too late for the 2.10 release as I'd propose to keep it in master 
> for
>  quite a while before actually doing a release with this.

I think you meant 'next' not 'master'.  We have a few "let's keep it
in 'next' to see if people scream" topics there already--the more
the merrier? ;-)
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