Am 14.10.2012 17:27, schrieb Lauri Alanko:
> Quoting "Jens Lehmann" <>:
>> What's wrong with making git clone all submodules together with the
>> superproject (when the user said he wants to update all submodules on
>> clone too by setting a - still to be added - config option)?
> Depends on how it's done. In a previous mail I just considered various ways 
> to do it. If I see correctly, your choice is to read .gitmodules from every 
> branch and every tag to find the total set of submodules used by the 
> repository. As I said already, that is certainly possible, but it's just not 
> very scalable, if fetch operations slow down linearly in the number of tags.

Currently "git fetch" checks all newly fetched commits for changes in
gitlinks too, so that would just add another file to that. And as a
fetch is pretty much linear in the number of newly fetched commits
anyway, its performance impact should be minimal.
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