Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> Hi Olaf,
>>         --break-rewrites \
>>         --keep-subject \
>> 95fa0405c5991726e06c08ffcd8ff872f7fb4f2d^..95fa0405c5991726e06c08ffcd8ff872f7fb4f2d
>> What must be done now to get a usable patch?
> Maybe --no-renames? BTW this behavior was not introduced in 2.9.3, but in
> 2.9.0:

I think that is one half of the story.

The other half is a long/well known bug that lets "diff -B -M" to
produce incorrect/broken patch that cannot be applied.  It was
documented in the thread that begins at:

but still hasn't been solved.
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