On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 07:42:35AM -0700, Brian Henderson wrote:

> > > +# PERL is required, but assumed to be present, although not necessarily 
> > > modern
> > > +# some tests require 5.8
> > > +test_expect_success PERL 'name' 'true'
> > 
> > If the platform lacks PERL prerequisite, this will simply be
> > skipped, and if the platform has it, it will always succeed.
> > 
> > I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by having this line
> > here.
> I originally didn't have this line, and my comment was referring to the
> t/README which says
>    Even without the PERL prerequisite, tests can assume there is a
>    usable perl interpreter at $PERL_PATH, though it need not be
>    particularly modern.
> There is current functionality in diff-highlight which requires at least
> perl 5.8 (the utf8 functions). I was going to add a test for this as
> well, but I'm not super comfy with multibyte chars.

Yeah, I'd agree this test would want the PERL prereq. It is not just
using perl for one-liners in support of the script; it is testing major
perl functionality that should be skipped if we do not have a modern
perl available.

> Eric recommended adding this line, what do you think?
> would `test_set_prereq PERL` be better?

test_set_prereq is for telling the test scripts that we _have_ perl, but
what I think this script wants to do is test "do we have perl?" and
abort otherwise. The way to do that is:

  if ! test_have_prereq PERL
        skip_all='skipping diff-highlight tests; perl not available'

> > > +test_expect_success 'diff-highlight does not highlight whole line' '
> > > + dh_test \
> > > +         "aaa\nbbb\nccc\n" \
> > > +         "aaa\n000\nccc\n"
> > > +'
> This (at least to me) is desired. See comment for `sub
> is_pair_interesting`

Yeah, that is an intentional behavior, and makes sense to test.

> > > +test_expect_success 'diff-highlight does not highlight mismatched hunk 
> > > size' '
> > > + dh_test \
> > > +         "aaa\nbbb\n" \
> > > +         "aaa\nb0b\nccc\n"
> > > +'
> This is undesired behavior, but currently implemented for simplicity,
> see `sub show_hunk`
> Do they need comments or something?

Undesired behavior should generally not be tested for. It just makes
life harder for somebody when they make a change that violates it, and
they have to figure out "oh, but it's _good_ that I changed that, the
tests were wrong" (or more likely "I didn't fix it, but it's just broken
in a different way, and neither is preferable").

If you want to document known shortcomings, the best thing to do is show
what you'd _like_ to have happen, and mark it as test_expect_failure;
the test scripts show this as a known-breakage, and somebody later who
fixes it can flip the "failure" to "success".

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