Pranit Bauva <> wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 8:49 PM,  <> wrote:
> > I am learning how to use git. I would like to know:
> >
> > How can I correct a typo in the message I gave to an old "git commit"? I see
> > that the typo occurs in exactly two files in .git:
> >
> > .git/logs/refs/heads/master
> > .git/logs/HEAD
> >
> > /usr/bin/file says that they are both ASCII English text. So I could just
> > hand edit them. But that seems somehow sacrilegious and might break git.
> Messages to commits aren't just stored in these two files.
> Hand editing them will definitely break git and its highly advisable
> not to do that. In fact, for beginners its highly recommended to never
> visit the ".git" folder. What you need in this case is `git-rebase
> -i`. Using that you can go to the commit where you want to edit the
> message and mark it as "reword". Also if you want to make some
> modifications in the code, then you can mark it as "edit". Try `man
> git-rebase` for more info on the command.

Agreed.  I use "git commit --amend" if it's the latest commit;
saves typing.  Definitely don't edit anything in .git/logs/ by

> Also on a side note: This is a developer's mailing list. Please try to
> use the user's mailing list[1] for doubts. But if you have a doubt as
> to why this commands functions in a particular way (in which you think
> it should not) or you find a possible bug then feel free to discuss it
> on this mailing list. Also to save other people's time, first search
> for the doubt in the archives or google about it.

I disagree with this being a developer's-only list and pointing
users to a separate list.  Every git user is a potential
developer (especially for a tool aimed for managing source).
Often user questions turn into bug reports aimed at

Nothing in our manpages even mentions this git-users list.

> [1]:!forum/git-users

Keep in mind I have a strong anti-centralization bias and
Google is a big basket, here.  I'll let their history of
discontinuing services like Google Reader, Google Code,
etc. speak for itself :)
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