Max Nordlund venit, vidit, dixit 23.08.2016 14:35:
> Hi,
> I've been using multiple worktrees for months without issue (it's a
> great feature, thanks), until recently when I wanted to add hooks to
> them. So, when I added a template for the hooks, everything was fine
> until I did a git reset --hard in the original repo which both applied
> those changes to the other worktrees' working tree (the files on
> disk), and made my master branch kinda lose it's connection to the
> remote/think it was a kinda bare repo.
> To reproduce this:
> ```
> mkdir source-repo
> cd source-repo
> git init
> touch foo
> git add foo
> git commit -m 'Add foo'
> git worktree add ../worktree # which also creates a new branch 'worktree'
> touch bar
> git add bar
> git commit -m 'Add bar'
> cd ../worktree
> git init

This is where the problem is created already: git init does not quite
notice that it is in a linked worktree. It treats


as a proper gitdir and creates the full gitdir structure in there
(branches, hooks, info) which is usually shared among worktrees; also,
it adds the config setting

core.worktree = <abspath>/worktree

to the main config (source-repo/.git/config) which is why "git status"
thinks that bar is missing - it indeed is in that worktree.

I've cc'ed the master of worktrees.

> cd ../source-repo
> git reset --hard master
> cd ../worktree
> git status # Suddenly `bar` has appear the working tree and is not tracked
> ```
> I don't really now what is up with this, but I did notice that it is
> the last worktree in which git init has been run that is affected. I
> only ran git init to copy the hooks from the template, but if that is
> not something you should do in a worktree then a check would have been
> nice.
> Thanks for this awesome tool, and I hope this helps
> Max Nordlund

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