2016-08-19 10:32 GMT+02:00 Johannes Schindelin <johannes.schinde...@gmx.de>:

> So how about fixing that? I would suggest to do it this way:
> - configure help.format = html (for "man", the current code would always
>   add $(prefix)/share/man to the MANPATH when testing, not what we want,
>   and hacking this code *just* for testing is both ugly and unnecessary).
> - configure help.htmlpath to point to a subdirectory that is created and
>   populated in the same test script.
> - configure help.browser to point to a script that is created in the same
>   script and whose output we can verify, too.
> The last point actually requires a patch that was recently introduced into
> Git for Windows [*1*] (and that did not make it upstream yet) which
> reverts that change whereby web--browse was sidestepped. That sidestepping
> was well-intentioned but turned out to cause more harm than good.

So I'll pickup the patch you sent [1] to my series and prepare the test cases
the way you described to verify that the 'help' command works.


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