Nikolaus Rath <> writes:

>> Btw, please don't set these headers on lists:
>>      Mail-Copies-To: never
>>      Mail-Followup-To:
>> Like any mail server, vger fails from time-to-time and
>> reply-to-all prevents it from being a single point of failure.
> Huh? If the list-server fails only I will receive the message so it's
> still lost for everyone else. But I am more than happy to take this
> little risk if it saves me from the nuisance of getting duplicate
> responses.

On a mailing list, your readers' time is more valuable than yours,
simply because there are a lot more of them.

I am typing this message ONLY because I want to talk to YOU, and I
want your address to be on its To: field, with Eric and the list on
Cc: field.  The recipients can prioritize their incoming messages by
reading what's addressed directly to them first and when they have
leftover time they can read ones that they are CC'ed, but because
you used Mail-Followup-To: I had to correct the headers manually,
which means you stole time from me.  And if I didn't then your
Mail-Followup-to: would have stolen time from the other recipients.

Please don't use it on this list.

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