Hey everyone,

Sending a "cover letter" to this series.

Changes with wrt v12[1] are:

 * Rebased on v2.10-rc0
 * Two function signatures had changed while the topic
    develop so changed those.
 * Correct the "mark for translation" messages properly as
    I had previously used N_() in some places but I had to
    actually use _().
 * In the patch 04/27[2], bisect_clean_state() is put in bisect.c
   rather than builtin/bisect--helper.c because I will need it
   further when porting bisect_next() function.
 * The patches from 14th are completely new to the series.
    They port even more functions and remove some then unused
 * 14th patch[3] is a tricky one as it changes a lot of things. I am
    not sure whether to put this all in one patch or split it.


Pranit Bauva
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