Jeff King <> writes:

> The delta base cache entries are stored in a fixed-length
> hash table. So the way to remove an entry is to "clear" the
> slot in the table, and that is what this function does.
> However, the name is a leaky abstraction. If we were to
> change the hash table implementation, it would no longer be
> about "clearing". We should name it after _what_ it does,
> not _how_ it does it. I.e., something like "remove" instead
> of "clear".
> But that does not tell the whole story, either. The subtle
> thing about this function is that it removes the entry, but
> does not free the entry data. So a more descriptive name is
> "detach"; we give ownership of the data buffer to the
> caller, and remove any other resources.

OK.  Sounds sensible.
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