W dniu 15.08.2016 o 14:28, Jeff King pisze:
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 07:58:14AM -0700, n...@dad.org wrote:
>> I am learning how to use git. I would like to know how:
>> Given a branch's designation, such as "master~4", how can I see the message I
>> furnished when I created the branch using "git commit"?
> Somebody already pointed you at "git log", which is the right tool for
> looking at commit messages (or perhaps "git show" if you only want to
> see a single entry).

I think you would want "git log -1 master~4" or "git show master~4" to
see the commit message of a single commit (without diff).

>> Conversely, given the message I furnished to "git commit", when I created a
>> branch, how can I see the branch's designation?
> Try "git log --grep=some.regex" to find a particular commit. Usually we
> refer to commits by their sha1 id, which will be shown by git-log.

There is also :/<search> and <rev>^{/<search>} syntax, if you want 
composability (see gitrevisions(7)).

> However, you can use git-describe to generate a name for any commit that
> is based on traversing from a tag. Try:
>   git describe --contains --all <sha1>
> for example. Using "--all" tells git to consider names based on branches
> as well as tags. Using "--contains" will generate a name based on
> traversing backwards from the tags and branches (like "master~4") rather
> than basing the name on a tag that you build off of.

The "git describe --contains" is interface to "git name-rev" plumbing

Jakub Narębski

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