Am 10/15/2012 12:36, schrieb Joachim Schmitz:
> not ok 4 - pretend we have a known breakage # TODO known breakage
>    This is expected, right?


>    the next is not though? Why might it be failing, where to check?
> not ok - 12 tests clean up even on failures
> #
> #               mkdir failing-cleanup &&
> #...
> #               test_cmp expect out
> #               )
> #

First thing:

  ./ -v -i

and if that does not give sufficient clues,

  $SHELL_PATH -x ./ -v -i

(Beware, though: in some cases, the latter gives additional failures, in
particular, when the stderr of a command is checked for with test_cmp
instead of grep because the 'actual' results contain the shell command
logs, which are not in the 'expected' results.)

-- Hannes,
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