On 25 Aug 2016, at 20:12, Stefan Beller <sbel...@google.com> wrote:

>> +int packet_write_fmt_gently(int fd, const char *fmt, ...)
>> +{
>> +       static struct strbuf buf = STRBUF_INIT;
>> +       va_list args;
>> +
>> +       strbuf_reset(&buf);
>> +       va_start(args, fmt);
>> +       format_packet(&buf, fmt, args);
> format_packet also takes care of tracing the contents,
> which was a bit unexpected to me.

To me, too :)

The series is already pretty large and therefore I decided to leave this as-is.

> Do we also want to trace failure?

You mean in all new *_gently() functions? Good idea!

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