tbo...@web.de writes:

> +If you want to ensure that text files that any contributor introduces to
> +the repository have their line endings normalized, you could set the
> +`text` attribute to "auto" for _all_ files.
> +
> +------------------------
> +*    text=auto
> +------------------------
> +

That is very understandable, especially that the text before this
added paragraph is about "core.autocrlf" configuration that is about
"your" changes.  It contrasts gitconfig vs gitattributes very well.

However, it is no longer clear what "you should instead" in the
existing paragraph attempts to contrast with.  "If you want all text
files, then use '* text=auto'" is what is said previously.  And your
updated example below says "If you do not want that, and instead you
want X, do '*.txt text'".  But the value of X is reads the same as
the above one: "you want all text files to be normalized".

>  If you want to interoperate with a source code management system that
>  enforces end-of-line normalization, or you simply want all text files
>  in your repository to be normalized, you should instead set the `text`
> -attribute to "auto" for _all_ files.
> +attribute to "text" for text files.
>  ------------------------
> -*    text=auto
> +*.txt        text
>  ------------------------

In short, the above is incoherent and not understandable, without
updating the three lines of introductory text you left untouched at
the beginning of the paragraph, when read in the (updated) context.

> -This ensures that all files that Git considers to be text will have
> +This ensures that all files marked as text will have

This is a good update of the description to match the updated example.
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