Hi Junio,

On Wed, 24 Aug 2016, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> * rt/help-unknown (2016-08-18) 2 commits
>  - help: make option --help open man pages only for Git commands
>  - help: introduce option --command-only
>  "git nosuchcommand --help" said "No manual entry for gitnosuchcommand",
>  which was not intuitive, given that "git nosuchcommand" said "git:
>  'nosuchcommand' is not a git command".
>  Waiting for the review discussion to settle.

Not only that. For a week now, two of my build jobs have been failing (the
one testing `pu` verbatim and the one testing Git for Windows' patches
rebased on top of `pu`) because the test does not actually test what was
just built, but relies on the Git man pages to be installed.

So it needs more than just the review discussion to settle.

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