Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

> W dniu 13.08.2016 o 01:45, Philip Oakley pisze:
>> +'HEAD{caret}2{caret}@', however you cannot say 'HEAD{caret}@{caret}2'.
> Though I do wonder if it is implementation limitation, or if it is something
> inherent in the notation, namely that <rev>^@ and <rev>^! resolve (the former
> at least in general, though not for every <rev>) to more than one revision
> specifier.

I think that the answer you are giving to the question is the latter,
and I tend to agree with you.

You could define: A^@ followed by <anything> means first expand A^@,
and then apply that <anything> to each and every one in the resulting
set.  But some may be merges and while others not.  It is unclear
what should happen to A^@^2 when one of A's parents has only one
parent.  In some use cases, it would be convenient if parents of A
to which the <anything> operation cannot be applied, but in other
use cases, it would be convenient if the whole thing caused an error.
The notation is not detailed/rich enough to express the distinction.

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