Pranit Bauva <> writes:

>> Also this version fails to catch "bisect reset a b c" as an error, I
>> suspect.
> It didn't when I tried it right now. Could you please elaborate on why
> you think it can fail? There might be a thing which I haven't tested.

My bad.  I just compared your bisect_reset() implementation that had

    if (no specific commit) {
        reset to the branch
    } else {
        reset to the commit

with the original

    case $# in
    0)  reset to the branch ;;
    1)  reset to the commit ;;
    *)  give usage and die ;;

and took the difference and reacted "ah, excess parameters are not
diagnosed in this function".

Your caller does complain about excess parameters without giving
usage, and that is what I missed.

I am not sure if you intended to change the behaviour in this case
to avoid giving the usage string; I tend to think it is a good
change, but I didn't see it mentioned in the proposed commit log,
which also contributed to my not noticing the test in the caller.

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