Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> -static void read_populate_opts(struct replay_opts **opts_ptr)
> +static int read_populate_opts(struct replay_opts **opts)
>  {
>       if (!file_exists(git_path_opts_file()))
> -             return;
> -     if (git_config_from_file(populate_opts_cb, git_path_opts_file(), 
> *opts_ptr) < 0)
> -             die(_("Malformed options sheet: %s"), git_path_opts_file());
> +             return 0;
> +     if (git_config_from_file(populate_opts_cb, git_path_opts_file(), *opts) 
> < 0)
> +             return error(_("Malformed options sheet: %s"),
> +                     git_path_opts_file());
> +     return 0;

This may not be sufficient to avoid die(), unless we know that the
file we are reading is syntactically sound.  git_config_from_file()
will die in config.c::git_parse_source() when the config_source sets
die_on_error, and it is set in config.c::do_config_from_file().

The source we are reading from is created when the sequencer
machinery starts and is only written by save_opts() which is
called by the sequencer machinery using git_config_set*() calls,
so I think it is OK to assume that we won't hit errors that would
cause git_config_from_file() to die, at least for now.

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