Not really a bad bug, apparently just one little detail...

On a fresh new install of Debian "Stretch" (8.5 alpha7, dated 2016-06-30),
Trying to install a subset of Git packages (roughly, all those listed
in git-all, except CVS-related packages)
Install of package git-daemon-run (version 1:2.9.3-1) fails, dpkg
reporting error

Assumed cause:
The directory /etc/service does not exist, and the install procedure
does not create it, subsequently fails to create a symlink (git-daemon
--> /etc/sv/git-daemon)

Workaround used:
Manually created, directory /etc/service and ... it seems to work fine...

It seems like the location for the newly created symlink may be
hard-coded as /etc/service/. I cannot substantiate whether this
location is a "universal invariant", or something platform-specific,
which ought to be documented in one way or another.
The "real'' cause of the problem might as well be that the install of
Debian silently failed to create /etc/service/ (either as a folder or
as a symlink to anwhere else)...
The git daemon is the first standalone daemon I am installing on this
system. From my point of view, it sounds possible that another
standalone daemon (eg. ProFTPd) might have reported the same problem
if I had installed it before git...

Kind regards

Jean-Marc B. van Schendel
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