Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> Am 26.08.2016 um 20:24 schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> Beat Bolli <> writes:
>>> In 175d38c ("SubmittingPatches: document how to reference previous commits",
>>> 2016-07-28) the format for referring to older commits was specified.
>> is easier to read when pasted into a sentence than what the recent
>> update 175d38ca ("SubmittingPatches: document how to reference
>> previous commits", 2016-07-28) suggests to do, i.e.
> While it may be easier to read due to the extra mark-up, the resulting
> text where such a quotation appears does not flow well, IMO. A commit
> message text that references another commit reads more fluently
> without the quotes around the summary line because the quoted text is
> not so much a quotation that must be marked, but a parenthetical
> statement.
> I absolutely welcome the proposed change to gitk, because I always
> edit out the double-quotes.

I think that is highly subjective, and as you very well may know,
I've been referring to commits without double-quote pair, and have
an obvious bias for something I am used to ;-)

I do not see the "" as introducing a quotation.  I just view it as
very similar to the "" in the following sentence:

    The commit whose title is "foo bar" did not consider there is
    also need to consider baz.

The whole thing is inside () pair, so I agree that with or without
"" pair, it is possible to see where the title ends.  So I do not
have a strong opinion either way.

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