Uma Srinivasan <> writes:

> git_dir = read_gitfile(buf.buf);
> if (!git_dir)
>                 git_dir = buf.buf;
> Can anyone explain to me why we are replacing a failed reading of a
> git file with the original sub directory name?

A top-level superproject can have a submodule bound at its "dir/"
directory, and "dir/.git" can either be a gitfile which you can read
with read_gitfile() and point into somewhere in ".git/modules/" of
the top-level superproject.  "dir/.git" can _ALSO_ be a fully valid
Git directory.  So at the top of a superproject, you could do

        git clone $URL ./dir2
        git add dir2

to clone an independent project into dir2 directory, and add it as a
new submodule.  The fallback is to support such a layout.

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