Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> Instead of dying there, let the caller high up in the callchain
> notice the error and handle it (by dying, still).
> The only caller of write_message(), do_pick_commit() already checks
> the return value and passes it on to its callers, so its caller must
> be already prepared to handle error returns, and with this step, we
> make it notice an error return from this function.
> ...
> @@ -223,7 +226,7 @@ static int fast_forward_to(const unsigned char *to, const 
> unsigned char *from,
>       read_cache();
>       if (checkout_fast_forward(from, to, 1))
> -             exit(128); /* the callee should have complained already */
> +             return -1; /* the callee should have complained already */

This hunk does not seem to have anything to do with write_message()
conversion, other than that its only caller, do_pick_commit(), also
calls write_message().  checkout_fast_forward() itself can die when
it cannot write the index, though, so this hunk may deserve to be in
its own patch that teaches checkout_fast_forward() to instead return
an error if/when its caller desires.

With the updated message, the series has become far easier to review,
and the reordering them to sequencer-pick-revisions at the beginning
makes quite a lot of sense.

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