Simon Oosthoek <> writes:

> The point of the thread and the patch was to enable the possibility of
> colors in the prompt without messing it up.
> The actual colors used are more or less how I'm used to it, but as you
> said they may not be suitable to everyone.
> @Junio, is this patch something you want to include as it is now (with
> the extra S that Michael pointed out) or do you want to wait for a
> discussion about which colors to use for which state?

The latter.

> I guess it could be quite a messy discussion, as you already hint at
> bikeshed colors, it's quite personal and subjective.

The choice of colours may be subjective, but you can just omit that
part, if there is already an existing choice made by others in
earlier changes like in "status" output.  As long as the subjective
choices in two systems that show similar information are consistent,
exact choice of colours does not matter that much.
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