W dniu 29.08.2016 o 23:31, Jeff King pisze:

> Blame-tree is a GitHub-specific command (it feeds the main repository
> view page), and is a known CPU hog. There's more clever caching for that
> coming down the pipe, but it's not shipped yet.

I wonder if having support for 'git blame <directory>' in Git core would
be something interesting to Git users.  I once tried to implement it,
but it went nowhere.  Would it be hard to implement?

I guess that GitHub offers this view as a part of the home page view
for a repository is something of a historical artifact; namely that
web interfaces for other version control systems used this.  But I
wonder how useful it is.  Neither cgit nor gitweb offer such view,
both GitLab and Bitbucket start with summary age with no blame-tree.

Jakub Narębski

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