On 10/15/2012 05:28 PM, Uri Moszkowicz wrote:
Thanks for the reply. Yes I am using a 64-bit build of Git. The report
is too large to attach to email so I've uploaded it here (~6MB tar.xz

Hm, there are some blanks in the "recent commands" section:

      D someFile
      D someFile
      D someFile
      D someFile
      (blank here)
      reset refs/tags/someTag
      from :1000045763
      reset refs/heads/TAG.FIXUP
    * (blank here)

There should have been some commands there. Maybe that has something to do with the crash? Would you be able to locate where this is in the cvs dump? You might be able to use those tag names around those lines to help locate them.
What are those blanks supposed to be? Probably commits?
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