Joe Perches <> writes:

> Many commits have various forms of trailers similar to
>      "Acked-by: Name <address>" and "Reported-by: Name <address>"
> Add the ability to cc these trailers when using git send-email.

I thought you were asking what we call these "<token> followed by
<colon>" at the end of the log message, and "footers or trailers"
was the answer.

I do not have a strong objection against limiting to "-by:" lines;
for one thing, it would automatically avoid having to worry about
"Bug-ID:" and other trailers that won't have e-mail address at all.

But if you are _only_ picking up "-by:" lines, then calling this
option "trailers" is way too wide and confusing.  I do not think
there is any specific name for "-by:" lines, though.  Perhaps you
would need to invent some name that has "-by" as a substring.

"any-by"?  or just "by"?  I dunno.

>  if ($suppress_cc{'all'}) {
> -     foreach my $entry (qw (cccmd cc author self sob body bodycc)) {
> +     foreach my $entry (qw (cccmd cc author self sob body bodycc trailers)) {
>               $suppress_cc{$entry} = 1;
>       }


> @@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ $suppress_cc{'self'} = $suppress_from if defined 
> $suppress_from;
>  $suppress_cc{'sob'} = !$signed_off_by_cc if defined $signed_off_by_cc;
>  if ($suppress_cc{'body'}) {
> -     foreach my $entry (qw (sob bodycc)) {
> +     foreach my $entry (qw (sob bodycc trailers)) {
>               $suppress_cc{$entry} = 1;
>       }
>       delete $suppress_cc{'body'};


> @@ -1545,7 +1545,7 @@ foreach my $t (@files) {
>       # Now parse the message body
>       while(<$fh>) {
>               $message .=  $_;
> -             if (/^(Signed-off-by|Cc): (.*)$/i) {
> +             if (/^(Signed-off-by|Cc|[^\s]+[_-]by): (.*)$/i) {


 (1) do you really want to grab a run of any non-blanks?  Don't
     you want to exclude at least a colon?
 (2) allowing an underscore looks a bit unusual.  

> @@ -1555,6 +1555,12 @@ foreach my $t (@files) {
>                       } else {
>                               next if $suppress_cc{'sob'} and $what =~ 
> /Signed-off-by/i;
>                               next if $suppress_cc{'bodycc'} and $what =~ 
> /Cc/i;
> +                             next if $suppress_cc{'trailers'} and $what !~ 
> /Signed-off-by/i && $what =~ /by$/i;
> +                     }

It is a bit unfortunate that S-o-b is a subset of any-by that forces
you to do this.

> +                     if ($c !~ /.+@.+/) {
> +                             printf("(body) Ignoring %s from line '%s'\n",
> +                                    $what, $_) unless $quiet;
> +                             next;
>                       }

This check is new and applies to sob/cc, too.

I am aware of the fact that people sometimes write only a name with
no e-mail address when giving credit to a third-party and we want to
avoid upsetting the underlying MTA by feeding it a non-address.

Looking at existing helper subs like extract_valid_address and
sanitize_address that all addresses we pass to the MTA go through,
it appears to me that we try to support an addr-spec with only
local-part without @domain, so this new check might turn out to be
too strict from that point of view, but on the other hand I suspect
it won't be a huge issue because the addresses in the footers are
for public consumption and it may not make much sense to have a
local-only address there.  I dunno.

>                       push @cc, $c;
>                       printf("(body) Adding cc: %s from line '%s'\n",

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