I've recently been experimenting with using git to make software more
human-readable.  Presenting software for humans to read is not a new
idea (Knuth's 'literate programming'), but I think git can be a new
tool for showing the development of code in a structured way.
Merge-commits can break a flat sequence of commits into sections and
subsections, in the same way that a document's paragraphs are
arranged.  The hierarchical organisation is helpful when reading the
history, and also allows that history to be rendered into a structured
document explaining the code's development.

As a demo, I've created:


This was generated directly from the git repo of the project, using
tools I wrote:


For working with hierarchical git histories, I wrote another tool:


The READMEs of the two projects give more details of these ideas.

This is at the prototype / proof-of-concept stage --- any feedback welcome!



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