On do, 2016-09-01 at 18:08 +0200, Jan Keromnes wrote:

> However, this fails (and has failed in previous versions), because it
> runs the whole test-suite to get the profile, but bails out if there
> were test failures (which happens often).

Working around failing tests is fixing a symptom, not the root cause. I
run the testsuite for master, next and pu very regularly and test
failures on master are extremely rare. I think I've seen one or so in
the last year, might even be 0. So let's focus on that instead.

> Related problem: `t3700-add.sh` currently fails in 2.9.3. I can
> provide more debug information if you don't already know this problem.

It should not fail, and for me does not fail on ubuntu 16.04. Please
run that test in verbose mode and share its output, as well as your
build configuration.


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