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W dniu 01.09.2016 o 09:52, Johannes Schindelin pisze:
> On Wed, 31 Aug 2016, Jakub Narębski wrote:
>> CC-ed to Jiang Xin, L10N coordinator.
>> W dniu 29.08.2016 o 10:05, Johannes Schindelin pisze:

>>> -   /* Different translation strings for cherry-pick and revert */
>>> -   if (opts->action == REPLAY_PICK)
>>> -           error(_("Your local changes would be overwritten by 
>>> cherry-pick."));
>>> -   else
>>> -           error(_("Your local changes would be overwritten by revert."));
>>> +   error(_("Your local changes would be overwritten by %s."),
>>> +           action_name(opts));
>> If I understand it correctly, it would make "revert" or "cherry-pick"
>> untranslated part of error message.  You would need to use translation
>> on the result with "_(action_name(opts))", you would have to mark
>> todo_command_strings elements for gettext lexicon with N_(...).
>> I am rather against this change (see also below).
> Okay.
> Unfortunately, I have to focus on the correctness of the code at the
> moment (and Git for Windows does ship *without* translations for the time
> being anyway, mostly to save on space, but also because users complained).

Users complained about having translations, or not having easy way to
switch them or switch them off?

> So I will take care of this after v2.10.0.
> For the record, how is this supposed to be handled, in particular when I
> introduce a new action whose action_name(opts) will be "rebase -i"? Do I
> really need to repeat myself three times?

I think you should be able to mark strings to be translated,
without translating them at the time of definition,

  static const char *todo_command_strings[] = {

then translate at the point of use

        error(_("Your local changes would be overwritten by %s."),

I assume that action_name(opts) returns one of todo_command_strings.
If not, there should be array with possible actions.

Assuming that such lego l10n is preferable to multiple translations,
more free-formt.

Jakub Narębski

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