The relevant repo is here:

My gitignore file looks like this:
It basically ignores all files, except for specifically whitelisted
files. However, when I run "git status" (git version
2.8.0.rc3.226.g39d4020), I see the following untracked files:

#       .bash_history
#       .bash_logout
#       .cache/
#       [private]
#       [private]
#       .profile
#       .viminfo
#       dev/

I can fix this by removing the following line from my gitignore:

after which all the untracked files disappear. I also tried changing
that line to:


but it had no effect.

The same effect can be achieved with any directory name starting with a period:



where .tmux and .vim are real directories. It does not seem to matter
whether the "asdf" subdirectory exists at all.

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