Jonathan Tan <> writes:

> Sample-field: multiple-line field body
>  that causes a blank line below

I am not sure this is unconditionally good, or may cause problems to
those with workflows you did not consider when you wrote this patch.

Not being too lenient here historically has been a deliberate
decision to avoid misidentification of non "footers".  Does Git
itself produce some folded footer line?  If Git itself produced such
folded lines, I'd be a lot more receptive to this change, but I do
not think that is the case here.

A slightly related tangent.  An unconditionally good change you
could make is to allow folding of in-body headers.  I.e. you can
have e.g.

        -- >8 --
        Subject: [PATCH] sequencer: support in-body headers that are
         folded according to RFC2822 rules

        The first paragraph after the above long title begins

in the body of the msssage, and I _think_ we do not fold it properly
when applying such a patch.  We should, as that is something that
appears in format-patch output (i.e. something Git itself produces,
unlike the folded "footer").

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