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>>> When moving code (e.g. a function is moved to another part of the file or
>>> to a different file), the review process is different than reviewing new
>>> code. When reviewing moved code we are only interested in the diff as
>>> where there are differences in the moved code, e.g. namespace changes.
>>> However the inner part of these moved texts should not change.
>>> To aid a developer reviewing such code, emit it with a different prefix
>>> than the usual +,- to indicate it is overlapping code.
>> What would be this different prefix?
> I will discard the part of the different prefix as the design of 2/2
> will change.

It would be nice to have at least an option of using different prefix
(or pair of prefixes), as not always it is possible to use color to
markup duplicates.

P.S. BTW. does this work with word-diff?

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