Hi Idan,

On Tue, 6 Sep 2016, Idan Shimoni wrote:

> ???

Please understand that you continue to annoy Stefan, who is only trying to
help you, by adding your replies *above* the quoted email. This is called
top-posting and considered very, very rude on this mailing list.

Also, your replies are very succinct, to the point of being incomplete. So
Stefan required a couple of back-and-forths until he finally found out
what your problem is. You could have volunteered more information (as you
did in the issue https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/875 that
you opened in the correct place: you mentioned the Windows version as well
as the Git version, although the answer to which options were chosen
("All") was most likely incorrect, because you have to decide e.g. whether
you want CR/LF line endings, LF line endings, or the same line endings as
are stored in the Git repositories, you cannot choose all of them at the
same time).

Unfortunately, the information given in that ticket is still too succinct:
it does not mention from which version you upgraded. You force us, once
again, to guess. My guess is: Git for Windows 1.9.5.

So now to your real question, which is: why is Git Cheetah no longer
bundled with Git for Windows 2.x?

The answer to that is easy: it was too cumbersome to maintain, there have
been almost no contributions, and most users chose to opt for TortoiseGit
or GitExternals (both of which are much, much larger than Git Cheetah, but
at the same time they happen to be maintained).

So there you go.

Next time you report a bug, please spend a little more time on the bug
report. It would certainly be appreciated by the people you ask to help


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