Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:

> Some test want to use the time command (not the shell builtin) and test
> for its availability at /usr/bin/time.

As we have t/perf these days, I suspect that we should aim to remove
these uses of /usr/bin/time in the main testsuite instead.

The one in 3419 was "run this command, and while at it run it under
'time'" but it is only inside test_debug and I do not think it gives
anything more than curiosity values.

The one in 3302 is used to compare two runs (one without and one
with notes tree), so it has a little more value than just curiosity,
but its value inside the main test suite is still highly dubious. It
does not have any "under this value the test passes" criteria.

When the performance of having to look up notes tree really matters,
it shouldn't be done inside the main test suite that is designed to
be runnable unattended and the only check the humans do is to see
their "ok/fail" output.

In short, what you would get out of /usr/bin/time simply is not a
good match inside the context of these unit tests.
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