Hi Idan,

please only write public mails when discussing Open Source.

On Tue, 6 Sep 2016, Idan Shimoni wrote:

> "This" top-posting is auto generated when hitting on the magic button
> called "Reply", and it is the generic way that the industry works.  How
> do you expect me to know that this is considered "very very rude on this
> emailing list" if it is not mention in any place on your page.

The top-posting is actually not auto-generated at all. It is your decision
to write on top of the quoted text, or not.

> When I sent my email in the first time I did not sent it to Stefan, I
> found this email (git@vger.kernel.org) at one of the pages as a
> "support" for Git for Windows.

You probably also saw the note that this is an Open Source project, where
that support is handled by volunteers. You did not pay anything, after

> When I sent my email I did not think that the support is also for
> different operating systems, as I found it on a "Git for Windows"
> page, and as for the version from which I upgraded or from what I
> upgraded to it is not really matter as you now understand now because
> Git for Windows removed the Git-Cheetah.
> On the other end in my terms and my colleagues here, Stefan last email
> and yours are considered very very rude, if you WANT to help people
> then help them, do not attack them as you did.

You know, replies like these I could do without. I do try to help. I even
explain to you why your replies are met with such hostility, and how you
could avoid that in the future. And what do I get in return?

> And lastly as for the ticket at
> https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/875 I was not sure if it
> is the repository for this, as later on I understood that it is
> related to a different product.
> So, there you go.
> I am very very very sorry for disturbing and annoying both of you and
> will not address you or your colleagues in the future any more.
> * Sure not use any of your products as well

That is your choice, of course. You will have to live with the choices
Stefan and I make on our end, too.


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