this is v3 of my patch series for creating a single PDF for all
git documentation files.

There are only 2 changes since v2 (thanks to Junio for pointing me at these 
issues) :
- The over-long lines in git-bisect-lk2009.txt where shortened by abbreviating 
the SHA1s.
- Pretty-printing the shell script in update-hook-example.txt was fixed.

To sum up, this patch series provides the following new "features":
- Make target "html" now creates HTML for ALL files in ./Documentation/howto 
and ./Documentation/technical
- New make target "fullpdf" first creates HTML for all files in 
./Documentation/RelNotes and then collates all HTML 
files in ./Documentation and its subdirs (except user-manual.html) in one 
single PDF file.

This approach is of course not an optimal one but by using wkhtmltopdf
it could be carried out easily. A more perfect approach would be to 
rework/redesign the whole doc tool chain and so perhaps arrive at additional
output formats like e.g. epub. But this is the topic of a patch series yet to 
come ...

A current version of git-doc.pdf is available in

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