Eric Wong <> writes:

> We probably should be using O_NOATIME for all O_RDONLY cases
> to get the last bit of performance out (especially since
> non-modern-Linux systems probably still lack relatime).

No, please do not go there.

The user can read from a file in a working tree using "less",
"grep", etc., and they all update the atime, so should "git grep".
We do not use atime ourselves on these files but we should let
outside tools rely on the validity of atime (e.g. "what are the
files that were looked at yesterday?").

If you grep for noatime in our current codebase, you'd notice that
we use it only for files in objects/ hierarchy, and that makes very
good sense.  These files are what we create for our _sole_ use and
no other tools can peek at them and expect to get any useful
information out of them (we hear from time to time that virus
scanners leaving open file descriptors on them causing trouble, but
that is an example of a useless access), and that makes a file in
objects/ hierarchy a fair game for noatime optimization.

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