Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> This is v2 of the patch series to virtualize the references API
> (though earlier patch series similar in spirit were submitted by
> Ronnie Sahlberg and David Turner). Thanks to Junio, Eric, and Ramsay
> for their comments about v1 [1].
> Nobody pointed out any fundamental problems with v1, but this version
> includes the following improvements:

Curiously, many of these improvements were already in 'pu'.

> * In "rename_ref_available(): add docstring":
>   * Improve docstring as suggested by Junio.

I might have squashed that in myself; it is a long time ago so I
don't quite remember.

> * In "refs: create a base class "ref_store" for files_ref_store":
>   * Let main_ref_store and submodule_ref_stores be initialized
>     implicitly rather than initializing them explicitly to NULL.
>   * Add docstrings for those two variables.
>   * Eliminate a temporary variable in `files_downcast()`.

This was already in what has been in 'pu'.

> * In "resolve_gitlink_ref(): avoid memory allocation in many cases":
>   * Instead of keeping track of `orig_len`, after stripping off any
>     trailing slashes check whether `path[len - 1]` is NUL.

This was already in what has been in 'pu'.

> * In "refs: add methods for reflog":
>   * Don't export `files_reflog_iterator_begin()` (suggested by
>     Ramsay).

This I can see was missing in what has been in 'pu'.

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