"brian m. carlson" <sand...@crustytoothpaste.net> writes:

> This is the fifth in a series of series to convert from unsigned char [20] to
> struct object_id.
> This series converts many of the files in the builtin directory to use struct
> object_id.  This gets us almost to the point where we can convert 
> get_tree_entry
> to use struct object_id, but not quite.  That function is used indirectly by
> get_sha1, meaning that get_oid would have to completely replace it in order 
> for
> get_tree_entry to be converted.
> However, this series tackles one of two major sources of object ID values: the
> command line (the other, of course, being the refs code).  Converting several 
> of
> the builtin commands to use struct object_id as much as possible makes it 
> easier
> to convert other functions down the line.

It is a bit unfortunate that this conflicts somewhat in builtin/cat-file.c
and heavily with builtin/apply.c with other topics in flight.

Let me see how bad the conflict resolution is and report back later.


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