Jeff King <> writes:

> Between the two options for regexec_buf(), I think you have convinced me
> that REG_STARTEND is better than just using compat/regex everywhere. I
> do think the fallback for platforms like musl should be "use
> compat/regex" and not doing an expensive copy (which in most cases is
> not even necessary).

I agree with you that it would be the best approach to build
regexec_buf() that unconditionally uses REG_STARTEND and tell people
without REG_STARTEND to use compat/regex instead of their platform
regex library.

The description in Makefile may want to be rephrased to clarify.

-# Define NO_REGEX if you have no or inferior regex support in your C library.
+# Define NO_REGEX if your C library lacks regex support with REG_STARTEND
+# feature.

The word "inferior" is not giving any useful information there.

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