Jonathan Tan wrote:

> --- a/connect.c
> +++ b/connect.c
> @@ -172,8 +173,24 @@ struct ref **get_remote_heads(int in, char *src_buf, 
> size_t src_len,
>                       continue;
>               }
> +             if (!strcmp(name, "capabilities^{}")) {
> +                     if (saw_response)
> +                             warning("protocol error: unexpected 
> capabilities^{}, "
> +                                     "continuing anyway");

Please use die() for these.

The warning is directed at the wrong user.  The end-user isn't going
to be able to fix the server.  The server owner is going to say "Git
works fine --- I'll ignore this".  Client authors are going to
*eventually* discover the bad server and have to work around it.  So
everyone suffers.

I feel strongly about this: because there are no servers that violate
this, it should be a fatal error.  If we find a server that violates
this, we should weaken the spec and make all violations of the spec
still a fatal error.

The rest looks good.

Thanks for your patience,

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