The subject matter of the conference looks really interesting but I am unlikely 
to be able to attend, unfortunately.

The subjects being covered like the current State of Git and the Future of Git, 
for example, deserve much wider exposure, and I would certainly appreciate 
hearing the thoughts of Junio and others.

Does anyone know whether the sessions will be recorded in any way?



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So, like, Jeff King said:
> On Tue, Sep 06, 2016 at 12:42:04PM -0500, Jon Loeliger wrote:
> > I have recently been enlisted by folks at the Linux Foundation to 
> > help run a Miniconference on Git at the Plumbers Conference [*] this 
> > fall.
> I see the conference runs for 4 days; I assume the Git portion will 
> just be one day.

Yes, and yes.  Likely even "a half day".

> Do you know yet which day?

No.  Sorry.

> -Peff


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