Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> The sequencer is our attempt to lib-ify cherry-pick. Yet it behaves
> like a one-shot command when it reads its configuration: memory is
> allocated and released only when the command exits.
> This is kind of okay for git-cherry-pick, which *is* a one-shot
> command. All the work to make the sequencer its work horse was
> done to allow using the functionality as a library function, though,
> including proper clean-up after use.
> This patch introduces an API to pass the responsibility of releasing
> certain memory to the sequencer. Example:
>       const char *label =
>               sequencer_entrust(opts, xstrfmt("From: %s", email));

I thought we (not just me) were already pretty clear during the last
round of review that we will not want this entrust() thing.

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