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On 12-Sep-16 22:24, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Michael Felt <> writes:

I had a couple of issues when packaging git for AIX
a) option -Wall by default - works fine with gcc I am sure, but not so
well when gcc is not your compiler
That is expected.  As you said, it is merely "by default" and there
are mechanisms like config.mak provided for people to override them.

b) needs a special (GNU) grep argument (-a from memory). This I
resolved by downloading and packaging GNU grep. However, I hope this
has not introduced a new dependency.
Read the Makefile and find SANE_TEXT_GREP, perhaps?
Ah - read the manual heh?. Generally, I just download, unpack, and run configure.
I do not mind needing an extra tool - as long as it is only for the build.

And, since you have something about it in your (still unread) install Notes - it has not slipped in by accident.

Thanks for helping to spread Git to minority platforms.
The link is:
I do not use it much (I prefer to package "distributed" src tarballs, but when testing a potential fix - git can be extremely useful!

All in all, thanks for an easy to port to a "minority" platform!

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