> From: Lars Schneider <>
> The goal of this series is to avoid launching a new clean/smudge filter
> process for each file that is filtered.

I tentatively queued this in 'pu' because I wanted to see these
changes in context and also wanted to know if there are overlaps and
conflicts with other topics in flight.  As your earlier steps
renamed packet_write() to packet_write_fmt() but didn't add a new
packet_write() that has different semantics, it was pleasantly easy
to make sure there is no new caller added in the meantime (it did
conflict with Duy's shallow-deepen topic and the resolution had to
touch outside the <<< conflicted === regions >>>, but it was
otherwise trivial).

Some details of the protocol (I think Torsten has already pointed
out that not all paths can be representable with the current
incarnation; there may be other minor nits like that) may still need
to be worked out, but I think the series at this point gets the
basic code structure right and such additional fixes would not
change things too drastically (IOW, I think we are very close to
being 'next'-ready).


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