I have used "git stash --include-untracked", checked out another branch,
went back, and "git stash pop"ed the changes.
Then my system crashed/hung (music that was playing was repeated in a
loop).  I have waited for some minutes, and then turned it off.

Afterwards, the repository in question was in a state where all files
contained in the stash were empty.
"git status" looked good on first sight: all the untracked and modified
files were listed there; but they were empty.

  % git fsck --lost-found
  error: object file .git/objects/04/1e659b5dbfd3f0be351a782b54743692875aec is 
  error: object file .git/objects/04/1e659b5dbfd3f0be351a782b54743692875aec is 
  fatal: loose object 041e659b5dbfd3f0be351a782b54743692875aec (stored in 
.git/objects/04/1e659b5dbfd3f0be351a782b54743692875aec) is corrupt
  % find .git/objects -size 0|wc -l

I would have assumed that the "stash pop" operation would be "atomic",
i.e. it should not remove the stash object before other objects have
been written successfully.

The filesystem in question is ext4, and I am using Arch Linux.

I have removed all empty files in .git/objects and tried to find the
previous stash with `gitk --all $( git fsck | awk '{print $3}' )` then,
but it appears to have disappeared.

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