On 10/16/2012 11:51 PM, Jeff King wrote:
> It may also make sense to show notes differently when outputting the
> "email" format as format-patch does. E.g., using a triple-dash would
> keep them separate from the commit message when using "git am". Like:
>   your commit message
>   Signed-off-by: You
>   ---
>   your notes go here

That's _precisely_ what I want!  I want to use notes as a way of
tracking my edits for what I did in v2 of a patch, at the time I commit
my v2, so that I can send a revised series including the notes in a
manner most efficient for someone else using 'git am' on the series to
see why I sent a v2 but without polluting the upstream repository with
useless versioning information from the email.

> We've talked about it several times, but it's never happened (probably
> because most people don't actually use notes).

And people (like me) don't use notes because they aren't documented.
Catch-22, so we have to start somewhere.

I'll submit a v2 with the non-controversial edits, and spend some time
trying to figure out how to isolate the portion of pretty-options.txt
that is relevant to format-patch.  If it's easy enough, I can also
consider using --- instead of Notes: as the separator when using

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