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Von:     Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>
An:      Thomas Ackermann <th.acke...@arcor.de>
Datum:   17.10.2012 00:11
Betreff: Re: [Patch v3 0/8] Create single PDF for all HTML files

> I (and other people who wrote documentation, I suspect, as well)
> feel somewhat offended by the word "fix" here and there in the
> message in commits that turn files that so far have been plain text
> into asciidoc, though ;-).

When I started working on this topic, I was wondering why not all files in 
./technical and ./howto
where converted to html. So I tried it myself and found out, that only minor 
changes where needed
to get them processed by asciidoc. So from my perspective I was simply "fixing 
some asciidoc problems".
But of course this wording was never meant to offend anybody. Sorry for that.

BTW1: As only the changes in the doc files where cherry-picked, currently on pu 
will create invalid links in howto-index.html because it scans all .txt-files 
in ./howto for 
'Content-type: text/asciidoc' and if found, creates a reference to a html file. 
But these are not created
for the new asciidoc files. So the changes in Documentation/Makefile which 
create html for the new  
files should be merged also.

BTW2: The 'pretty-print shell script in update-hook-example.txt' part of my 
changes was left out
from the merge to pu but should also be considered as belonging to the category 
'convert plain text files to asciidoc'
as the original file contained a mixture of tabs and spaces which caused 
suboptimal indendation formatting
with asciidoc.

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